About Us

My Profile PicI created Wealthy Affiliate Program to help people who are on the fence about joining Wealthy Affiliate of for those who have never heard about it and want to find out how to utilize the site in such a way as to learn how to make money online.

Making money online is not necessarily difficult.  It just requires proven techniques and avoidance of the more black hat nonsense that all these self proclaimed gurus make you think are going to give you instant riches or give you overnight success.  Making money online is and has always been, about using the correct techniques and doing so consistently all the while helping others with the products and content at your website.

The fact that you even got to this site is a great first step in the quest to create an income generating website for yourself.  And I will continue to use this site as a mechanism to further explain features that are included at Wealthy Affiliate.

Want to Reach out to me on Wealthy Affiliate: Just click on my Wealthy Affiliate user name: @techhound

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