How to Increase Website Traffic for Free

If you want to learn how to increase website traffic for free or otherwise, you have to change the way you think about traffic.

I could easily set up a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign on Adwords or Bing and get a whole bunch of people to my website. After about $500 spent, maybe I'll get 2 or three people to sign up to my list or buy something from me. Unless my product costs over $250 per person, it won't take long before this breaks the bank.

The entire problem with the scenario I just described is that the mindset on getting traffic to my website was completely out of whack. If you don't get people who actually want to be at your website, you are going to become frustrated, irrespective of the traffic methods used.

Which would you rather have, thousands of visitors to your website or 50 really targeted visitors? I'd even take 25 targeted visitors over the thousands. Why?

"I'd even take 25 targeted visitors over the thousands"

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Because targeted website visitors want to be at your website. You enticed them with something they were looking for. Now that they found you, they are looking to you to provide them with some kind of information that they can relate to.

Think of Web Traffic as a Living, Breathing Organism

"Think of Web Traffic as a Living, Breathing Organism"

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No, I don't mean that traffic monsters are going to invade the earth. What I do mean is that the reason that people visit your website is because you related to an actual person, not some button that somebody pushes to get people to magically appear on your website.

When you understand this distinction, traffic generation becomes easier to manage.

So how do you go about creating traffic all while shifting your mindset to treating traffic as if it is a living, breathing organism?

It all starts with creating better content. I know this term is getting beaten to death lately all over the internet. And people will coin the phrase and leave it at that. They never really tell you how to go about creating this wonderful, beautiful, awe-inspiring, traffic-driving content.

Therefore, I want to impart onto you some tips and techniques that have helped me improve my content creation efforts. Here are some of the key components to help you create a better content strategy (click on each arrow for more details):

Keep Your Topics Tightly Focused Around the Subject of Your Website

Develop a Plan for Your Blog

It's Nice to Share

Try to Avoid Being Overly Promotional

Become to Go To Person within Your Market

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of things to do to improve the quality of your content. But I can guarantee that if you start implementing just these tips, you will find that your content will get shared more and your chances of gaining targeted will increase significantly.

Doesn't Paying For Traffic Get You Faster Results?

Yep! Paid traffic will often generate almost instant results. But most people don't have a clue how to implement paid traffic strategies. They end up spending hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars and get negative returns on their investment. That's not good!

I'm not suggesting to never use paid traffic. I have successfully implemented strategies that bring me positive returns on my investment. But if you go down that road, make sure you know what you are doing.

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Pay Per Click How To Training

Disclosure: Site owner may receive compensation as a result of any purchase made using the clicks and banners on this page.

Want to Skip This Article and Go Directly to the Training?

You can access the training directly using this link:

I have really good news - I am giving you access to a premiere Pay Per Click How To tutorial. Actually, there are several tutorials that show you how to do PPC correctly. But let's concentrate on the basics first. This training was created by my friend Kyle on Wealthy Affiliate. Here are the topics that he discusses:

  • Introduction to PPC
  • Setting Up Your PPC Accounts
  • Understanding the PPC Flow of Relevance (Key Component)
  • Find Keywords and Generate Quality Ad Groups
  • Create Alluring Ads & Ad Copy
  • How to Promote Affiliate Programs Using PPC
  • Constructing Your Landing Pages for PPC
  • Avoiding Quality Account Suspensions
  • Analyzing & Tracking Campaign Performance
  • Designing Tests for your PPC Campaigns
  • 5 PPC Strategies That Are Proven to Convert
  • Are You Ready for PPC?

My Challenge to You

I challenge you to find anywhere as in depth a training on PPC as what is shown here. This training will not only make you feel comfortable with PPC but it can help you become profitable with it as well.

I have personally used this training to get clicks for pennies. This is because I made sure all of my campaigns were relevant. You saw in the list above how I highlighted that one concept. It is crucial for many reasons.

1) Relevancy keeps your quality score high, which means your account won't get suspended.

2) Relevancy gives you better bids on clicks. I have actually gotten close to zero bids on many of my clicks due to high quality scores.

I truly believe you will not find a better training program when you want a pay per click how to. Kyle is an expert at this and will answer any questions you may have.

become a pay
per click Master

You are one click away from learning EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about
Pay Per Click and How You Can Use it To Start Converting Your Traffic

How To Build Your Own Website for Free

Affiliate Disclaimer: Website owner may receive compensation if you purchase through the links and banners included within this page.

One of the biggest challenges facing online businesses is how to build your own website for free. The challenges are several.

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1) Get the right domain name for your business

2) Find a free solution

3) Find a place to host the website

4) Know how to install the right kind of software to easily manage your website

5) Know how to use your new website to make money

As you can see these are some of the major challenges that you may face when trying to create your online business. But even if you want to set up a website for your existing offline business, you face these challenges as well. This article will address these challenges.

Get the Right Domain Name for your Business

This isn't as crucial as it used to be given all the Google algorithm changes recently. However, from a branding perspective, it may make sense to ensure that you have your business name within the domain name. I will give you access to a free tool that can help you determine whether your domain name is available.

​Note: if the above form is blank try the following link instead:

Get Your Domain Name here

If you use services like and to register your domain name, you are going to have to pay money for that. It's a yearly charge too (unless you pay for 2 or more years in one shot). Eventually, you will need to pay again when it expires.

While not necessarily expensive, these costs can add up if you have several domain names. At $10 per domain per year, you can see that this will add up quite rapidly.

There are free websites available online but there are several problems with them as follows:

  • They often place advertising on your website.
  • You don't always have control of the content that you can place on those websites.
  • They can revoke your access at anytime.

Find a Place to Host Your Domain Name

It's not enough to simply find a domain name that represents your business. After you do find one, you need a place to host it. This usually cost money as well. The kinds of deals you find for hosting usually require you to buy several months (or years) in advance. This can cost you some serious dollars.

I can give you access (more below) to a solution that not only allows you to choose a domain name but also allows you to host it for free. The servers where it would be hosted is state of the art so you won't have to worry about speed and security.

Knowledge on How to Install the Right Kind of Software on your Website

In addition to giving you access to your free website and free hosting, I will give you access to free training on how to install WordPress onto your website. If you have never done this before, I'll show you where to find the training so that you can quickly get it up and running. In fact, most people find they can implement it in less than 30 seconds.

The reason WordPress is chosen because it's easy to learn and once you have it installed, it's also easy to maintain. Besides, the resources that you'll have access to will give you all the training you need to get your website framework installed properly.

Knowledge on How to Use Your Website to Make Money

Making money with a website requires getting the right kind of people to your website, i.e., targeted traffic. Training resources are available for that as well. They are free for you for a limited time if you use the link below to sign up. Making money with your website is not only possible but you'll be ready to start earning rather quickly. I cannot however, guarantee that you will make any money. But if you set everything up properly, the chances for success are much better.

As you can see, it is rather easy for you to build your own website for free. But simply building a website isn't enough. You need to build it properly in a way that has the largest chance of making money for the long haul.

Techhound’s Tech Corner Debut

My user name on Wealthy Affiliate is @techhound. I used that name primarily because I have a technical background. I was a Comp Sci major in college and have worked as a programmer for almost 25 years.

So I thought it would be useful to you for your online business to have a Tech Corner that highlights short but easy (hopefully) tips that you can use that can enhance your business. Not all of the tips will be applicable to your situation in every Tech Corner. But I will try to keep things as relevant to many people as possible.

Today's tip I will show you how to redirect from a blog. This tutorial uses a computer programming language called JavaScript. Although this is not a tutorial on how JavaScript works, knowledge of JavaScript is not needed to make this tip work. You only need to follow the steps as specified. At the time of this writing, I tried out the steps and it does work.

Why Would You Want to Do This?

Simple. Because Blogger is owned by Google. Other authority websites trust Google links. So if you have affiliate links or other links that you would like to cloak, this can be a good way to do it while staying under the radar.

Word of Caution: Google changes the rules all the time. And even other authority sites (Craigslist, Amazon, etc.) may discourage redirects, especially if they are abused (spam, etc). If your intention is to use this technique to spread affiliate links all over the place, you run the risk of getting banned from authority sites and penalized by Google. Plus you could ruin it for everyone else. Besides, there are better methods to use that won't get you banned. (see below).

SlideShow Version - Here is a slideshow presentation of the entire training:

Video Version - I also created a video version for your convenience:

How to Do It

Step 1- Log into Your Google Account

This is the same as a gmail account so if you are already logged into Google, when you head on over to, you should already be logged into that. If you are not, log in from there.

Step 2 - Create a New Blog Within the Account

Create a New Blog in Blogger

Name the blog whatever you want. It is probably best to make it relevant to your niche. So if you are selling products for quitting smoking, use that phrase in the blog name if it is available.

Step 3 - Go to the Dashboard of the New Blog

If you happen to be taken to the Create Post section (which can sometimes happen), simply hit the Close button.

Step 4 - Click the "Layout" Link on the Left

Layout Option in Blogger

Step 5 - Click on "Add a Gadget" Link

Add a Gadget in Header

Step 6 - Scroll Down and Select HTML/JavaScript Option

HTML-JavaScript Option in Blogger

Step 7 - Type in the Code Shown or Copy and Paste From Below

Code to Copy and Paste:

<script type="text/javascript">

You'll need to change the to an actual valid website.

Step 8 - Click the "Save" Button

Step 9 - Click "Save arrangement" Button

Save Arrangement

Make sure that the HTML/JavaScript gadget got added. You may even want to hit the Edit link just to make sure that it saved the code that you entered. After that, hit the "Save arrangement" button.

Step 10 - Click "Preview" Button to Test

NOTE: If you copied the code exactly from the Copy and Paste section, you will notice that it will redirect to a non existent page. You will need to change "" to a valid page, presumably your website or affiliate link.

Step 11 - Hover Over "View Blog" Button to get Link to Use

The link should appear in the status bar on the lower left of the browser.

Are There Any Shortcomings to This Approach?

It's definitely not perfect. You will notice that whatever header text is included will appear as it is redirecting. It only happens for a second or two but it looks a bit awkward. Also, whatever theme you are using will shown for that same time periods. There are some improvements that could be made.


Change the header text to something that is relevant to your niche. In my blog, I have the word Redirecting... as you can see in the screen shot. You may want to use a different message. Following the quit smoking example before, perhaps you could use "Your Ticket To Quitting Starts Now..." or something like that.

If there are components of the theme showing up, considering using a much more basic or simple theme that doesn't contain many components on it. Also, remove any unnecessary gadgets. If they are deletable they will have a Remove or Delete button when you edit them.

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Seek the Help From a Board of Advisers

I was skimming through an old book called "Off the Wall Marketing Ideas". The book is now 16 years old (at the time of writing this) so the ideas are no longer really "off the wall". But I did pick up on a kind of juicy morsel of an idea that could be tailor fitted so to speak, to work in today's marketing environment.

I don't necessarily recommend you pick up the book as the concepts really are outdated. However, if you are so inclined, it is available on Amazon for purchase. Who knows? Maybe you'll pick up something in the book yourself that can be retrofitted for current use.

The idea stems from an idea that a business owner named Doug successfully implemented. He needed help for his business and wanted to obtain advice from a group of mentors. Thus the term, "board of advisers". How did he accomplish this?

He perused an issue of CIO Magazine which is a trade journal for Fortune 100 companies. The leaders of these companies are up and comers. This means that they are so big as to be unapproachable. Doug would get the names and phone numbers of several of these CEO's and call before office hours. Most CEO's get to work well before office hours. Which usually means they are there before their secretary's, i.e., no gatekeepers.

Doug kept calling these CEOs and when he connected with them, asked if they would be willing to mentor him. He told these CEOs that he would like to meet with him once every six to eight weeks to offer advice on what to do and give him feedback. Many agreed.

And so was born Doug's Board of Advisers...

Doug attributes much of his success to this group as they kept him on the straight and narrow. They held nothing back and anytime they felt he strayed, they whipped him back into shape.

"...they've really beaten us up to stay on a straight path."

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Why Not Do This Yourself?

If this concept of a board of advisers worked for Doug, why can't it work for you? And here's the rub - it's much easier to get in contact with people today than ever before thanks to the internet. You could seek out people on or you could find forums where these people may frequent. Or you could see if they exist on Twitter and Facebook. The possibilities are endless. And because of advent of Skype you don't even need to be in the same geographic area as these mentors.

How to Take This Concept Up a Notch...

What if instead of going through all that contacting of people and arranging, you could use a resource that already has thousands of these mentors all willing to help you on a moments notice? You won't have to wait weeks or months to connect with them. You simply sign in and ask your questions. As you may have figured out from the name of this website, the resource I am referring to is Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since January 2009. I am particularly good at helping people get an online business up and running with a great potential at making money with it. I have built several successful websites and want to help you do the same!

Getting Help Speeds Up Success

As you can see from Doug's situation above, he sought out help from knowledgeable people. He attributes a good portion of his success (his business grew) to reaching out the his board of advisers. It's an awesome feeling to know that someone (or several people) have your back and that is the feeling you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you ready for your Own board of advisers?

It's time to push forward and let others (including me) help you get your business rolling full steam ahead. We can offer the training and the advice
you need to make it happen.

Common Questions About Wealthy Affiliate

Disclosure: I am a premium (Paid) member of the Wealthy Affiliate program. The links and banners on this webpage may result in a commission paid to me if you purchase through them.

The following are common questions I get asked all the time about being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Is There a Trial Period?

Do I need to Use My Credit Card to Sign Up?

How Much Training is Included with the Free Membership?

Will I Need to Purchase a Domain Name?

What About Hosting My Domain Name?

What Kind of Support is Available?

Is There a Paid Membership?

What's Included in the Paid Membership that isn't included in the Free Membership?

Will I Get Pressure to Upgrade to Premium?

Do I Have to Be Savvy in Technology to Be Successful at Wealthy Affiliate?

What If I Have More Questions That Aren't Covered Here?

Comparison Between Free and Premium Memberships

Other Resources

How To Succeed

Wealthy Affiliate Evaluation

Free Keyword Tool

Training Modules for Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising can be a great way to get traffic to your website really quickly. But doing it wrong can cost you hundreds of dollars (and even thousands!). The following modules will help you get on track on exactly how to implement pay per click.

  • Module 1 - Pay Per Click Marketing - Classroom Overview - Access here.
  • Module 2 - An Introduction to Pay Per Click - Access here.
  • Module 3 - The Proper Way To Use PPC With Your Website - Access here.
  • Module 4 - The Key to Killer Click Through Rates - Access here.
  • Module 5 - 10 Common PPC Mistakes - Access here.

Keyword Mastery Tutorial

Proper mastery of keywords is crucial to getting traffic to your website. Think about what you do when you search for information on the web. You use keywords. And so does the majority of web users.

Disclosure: Website owner may receive a commission resulting in a purchase from the links and banners displayed on this page.

Keyword mastery is not always easy. That's why I put together this resource. It is geared towards giving you the best of the best in keyword tutorials.

Tutorial # 1 - Keyword Mastery - Keywords are the Foundation of your Success

This is a great training module (free) that helps you learn how to find potential keywords that you can use as the basis of your content. You will learn the proper ways to search as well as how to properly incorporate those keywords into your blog posts. This increases the effectiveness of those posts and helps searchers find your website.

To start the training click here.​

Tutorial #2 - Keyword Research 101 - What are Keywords and Why do they Matter?

This tutorial gives a great overview of what are keywords and why they are important. It is a quick tutorial but nonetheless comprehensive. You can access that tutorial by clicking here.​

Tutorial #3 - The Ultimate Keyword Checklist

Okay, while technically not a tutorial, it is a useful resource just the same. It gives you how exactly you should incorporate your keywords into your blog posts.

To access the checklist, use this link.

Tutorial #4 - Using Keyword Planner to get Keyword Ideas and Traffic Forecasts

This training comes right from the horse's mouth, i.e., from Google. Obviously, any kind of keyword research should take what Google says into consideration. Besides, the Keyword Planner is a useful tool that offers insight into search volume and competitiveness. Much of its data returned by Keyword Planner should be considered a guideline only. To access this training, click on the following:

In order to use Keyword Planner, you will need to sign up for an Adwords account. Don't worry, you will not need to leave your credit card information in order to start using the Keyword Planner.

Other Resources

The creators of Wealthy Affiliate have created a keyword tool known as Jaaxy. It is a very powerful keyword tool that incorporates cutting edge technology not seem in other keyword research tools. It is web based so there is nothing to install. You have the ability to try it out and it is worth it to at least see what it is all about.

Training on How to Choose Your Niche

Niche selection can be one of the more difficult aspects of creating an online business. It helps to have some guidance. That’s why I’ve decided to include a free training module for you on how to choose a niche.

Disclosure: Website owner may receive compensation as a result of clicking through the links and/or banners contained on this page and purchasing the product or service.

The training is really quite comprehensive and you will get something valuable out of it. If you want to go right to the training, simply click on the image below:

 How to Choose a Niche

The training is given by my friend Kyle (shown in the picture) who is a co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. He includes both an explanation of what a niche is and shows why it’s important to choose the right one. The video will show you exactly how to do that.

As with most of the training at Wealthy Affiliate, this module includes some tasks to perform as well as a checklist for when you have completed the tasks. As mentioned, it includes a video describing the exact process to use to choose your niche. At the end you will notice that there is a discussion.

One really great aspect of Wealthy Affiliate (among many) is that if you are stuck on selecting a niche you can choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself and get paid a handsome monthly (recurring) commission for that. If you get enough people to sign up it can amount to a sizable income that could even replace the income you make in a regular job. There are several members who make serious incomes from just recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

Many members choose a niche outside of affiliate marketing and also choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate. My suggestion is usually to choose one or the other in the beginning as to not get overwhelmed but that is quite up to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

This particular training module is free. In fact, it is part of the Online Entrepreneur Certification series of training that is also free. If you go through this training series and perform all the specified tasks, you will actually have a fully working website capable of earning a decent income. There are no guarantees, mind you. But you certainly stack the odds in your favor when you learn how to do it correctly!

Learn How to Choose a Niche Here

The free training mentioned contains everything you need to learn the proper
way to choose a niche. When you choose the right
niche, you have a better chance of actually making money online.
Click on the button below to get started!

What is Your Sustainability Factor?

One of my biggest goals in life is to earn enough money to live comfortably.  But an even greater goal for me is help others by teaching them how to earn money in such a way that they too can live comfortably as well.

I know we all have differences of opinion about what comfortably means, but I can assure you that I live well within my means and I don't have overly extravagant tastes.  At the same time, I don't believe it's wrong for me to desire the capability to live a bit above the impoverished level and I certainly don't believe it's wrong to help others to do the same. 

I call this the sustainability factor.  Obviously, I need to be able to sustain my own existence (and of course my family).  But that's not enough for me.  I truly believe I can help others learn how to make money to sustain themselves as well.

My philosophy goes against conventional wisdom which suggests that you should give to others in such a way that perhaps someday, you will get something in return if you should ever find yourself in a situation where you need it.  It's the whole Karma concept.  I believe in Karma completely.  But that doesn't mean we cannot teach others to be self sustaining in their own right.  In fact, this does more for the "Karma continuum" in my opinion than to simply give away your money in exchange for that elated, but elusive feeling that comes from the temporary handout that you have been pressured into believing will help.  This type of help is a temporary band aid, but does nothing to help those in need become self sufficient.

If what I say is true that I can help others sustain their lifestyles than I think it only fair that those same people to return the favor and help yet other people as well. I can not only teach people how to earn an income, I can also help people teach others how to do the same.  In this way none of us will necessarily become monetarily wealthy in the truest sense of the word, but we will have less to worry about in the long run, at least from a financial perspective.  It reminds me of the old adage, "teach a man to fish..."  What's even more important is that we can continue to sustain ourselves in such a way as to pass this knowledge on to future generations.


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