Top 5 Tips For Working With Affiliate Managers

by Success Starts Here! on April 4, 2014

I have been working with affiliate marketing for some time now and during that time I have talked to several affiliate managers.  On the whole they are really nice people.  When you first start out, you may get overwhelmed about the idea that you have to talk to an affiliate manager.  It's not a bad experience and these 5 tips can help you get over that fear.

Tip #1

They want to know that you have their best interests at heart.  There are plenty of people that use affiliate marketing as a way to spam people.  Affiliate marketing makes it easy for spammers but this causes problems for the affiliate companies.  Usually a manager wants to talk to you to find out what your promotional methods are going to be and that you won't be one of the many spammers.

Tip #2

Affiliate managers want your business.  The more legitimate affiliates they have the more sales they will get.  This is the number one reason why they are easy to talk to.  They want you to succeed.  They just want to make sure you are on the level.

Tip #3

An affiliate manager has to make money to justify the costs of the affiliate program.  There are going to be occasions when you get cancelled from a program.  This is usually due to low sales volume or lack of activity.  In many cases, contacting the affiliate manager can get you reinstated.  But you'll want to really start promoting in order to get sales.

Tip #4

Don't be afraid to hit up the affiliate manager for advice.  Affiliate managers know their business and the products that they sell.  As I already mentioned, they want you to succeed.  Ask them which campaigns used by other affiliates have worked the best.  If you need some kind of custom banner or something like that, they will often be happy to help.

Tip #5

Don't sign up unless you are going to promote.  Services like Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Share-a-Sale, have multiple affiliate programs.  People often sign up for pages of affiliate programs at a time and then wonder why they start getting deactivated.  It's usually due to inactivity on your part.  If you are not planning on promoting something, don't sign up for it.

A Bonus Tip...

One of the quickest ways of getting dropped by an affiliate manager is to break their rules or terms of service.  An affiliate manager needs to make sure that the company doesn't get in trouble.  That is why they have those rules in place.  Make sure you read over and understand the terms of service.  Ask questions if you don't.

Affiliate Managers are Approachable

If you follow the rules and you work with your affiliate manager, you will see that they are easy to get along with.  Remember, you are the one making them money for them, not the other way around.  So there is no reason to be afraid to contact them and ask them for help.  It's in their best interest to see you succeed.​


10 Quick Tips About Blogging

by Success Starts Here! on April 2, 2014

You may or may not be aware that part of what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate is about properly setting up your blog.  You do this so that your blog is ready to start earning you money.   Here are 10 Quick Tips About Blogging (click on each for more details):

Make Sure You Have a Privacy Page

Create an About Me Page

Post Frequently

Try to Always Capture Your Readers' Emails

Post Content That You Would Want To Read Yourself

Consider Guest Posting with Other Bloggers

Be Wary of Traffic Schemes

Have a Way For Readers To Contact You

Understand That Establishing Your Blog Takes Time

Don't Ever Give Up

Obviously, there is more to blogging than these 10 quick tips and you will need to learn more about how to implement them correctly.  There really are correct ways to do them and most people don't do it correctly.  But I can help you get started.  Use the following to give you a better overview of how Wealthy Affiliate can give you the tools need to implement the above tips:

Learn to Do It Correctly Right at the Start

It's really easy to start a blog these days.  With domain names being really cheap and WordPress installations available on most hosting services, within a day people can create a some posts and it's live right there and then.

But just because people can build blogs doesn't mean they necessarily should.  At least, they should do so when they learn how to implement the proper techniques.  All too often, you'll see poorly implemented blogs that get hit with search engine penalties and they get virtually no traffic (except for automated traffic that results in no real visitors).  What's worse is people that do this get frustrated and reach out to online experts - often paying a lot of money and still getting no results.

But if you take my guidance and learn to implement your website right from the start, think of all the trial-and-error pains you will totally sidestep.  And you will be much further along than anyone that decides to do it on their own.​  Sure, some of those people do get lucky.  But with the majority they all to often fail.

Who am I?  And Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Jim Cochrane.  I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over five (5) years.  One of the biggest draws for me is the level of training that is available.  But maybe even more so, is the community atmosphere that exists on the website.  It really becomes a second family.  And this family has several thousands of people of varying experience that are ready to lend a hand at a moments notice.  I have created several websites that have been making money for me so I've dealt with many issues that you may encounter when you start out.

By the way, my profile name is @techhound on Wealthy Affiliate.  Come on in and say hello!​

My Commitment To You

I watch over the people that I refer.  I ask them about their progress and I try to point them in the right direction when they get stuck.  I take an active interest in each of my referrals so you can be sure that you are going to hear from me.  But I promise, I won't be a pest.

The point is I want you to follow in my footsteps and let me guide you to building a successful online business.  I can completely help you do that.  You just have to want it and take the necessary steps to make it happen.  But you are not alone!​

What To Do Next

Take what I am talking about for a spin, a test run, if you will.  Wealthy Affiliate is free to sign up.  There is a premium membership but won't get pressured to upgrade.  The premium membership gives you access to many more training modules including live webinars.​  But again, there is never any pressure to upgrade.


The internet has opened up a huge opportunity for all of us to take advantage of and has the fullest potential to make us financially secure.  Imagine never having to depend on anyone else for for you income ever again!  Wealthy Affiliate has many members who are making full time incomes from the techniques that they learned and implemented.  And this is a really fun business to do too!  You earn from your web business.


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