Training Modules for Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising can be a great way to get traffic to your website really quickly. But doing it wrong can cost you hundreds of dollars (and even thousands!). The following modules will help you get on track on exactly how to implement pay per click.

  • Module 1 - Pay Per Click Marketing - Classroom Overview - Access here.
  • Module 2 - An Introduction to Pay Per Click - Access here.
  • Module 3 - The Proper Way To Use PPC With Your Website - Access here.
  • Module 4 - The Key to Killer Click Through Rates - Access here.
  • Module 5 - 10 Common PPC Mistakes - Access here.

Keyword Mastery Tutorial

Proper mastery of keywords is crucial to getting traffic to your website. Think about what you do when you search for information on the web. You use keywords. And so does the majority of web users.

Disclosure: Website owner may receive a commission resulting in a purchase from the links and banners displayed on this page.

Keyword mastery is not always easy. That's why I put together this resource. It is geared towards giving you the best of the best in keyword tutorials.

Tutorial # 1 - Keyword Mastery - Keywords are the Foundation of your Success

This is a great training module (free) that helps you learn how to find potential keywords that you can use as the basis of your content. You will learn the proper ways to search as well as how to properly incorporate those keywords into your blog posts. This increases the effectiveness of those posts and helps searchers find your website.

To start the training click here.​

Tutorial #2 - Keyword Research 101 - What are Keywords and Why do they Matter?

This tutorial gives a great overview of what are keywords and why they are important. It is a quick tutorial but nonetheless comprehensive. You can access that tutorial by clicking here.​

Tutorial #3 - The Ultimate Keyword Checklist

Okay, while technically not a tutorial, it is a useful resource just the same. It gives you how exactly you should incorporate your keywords into your blog posts.

To access the checklist, use this link.

Tutorial #4 - Using Keyword Planner to get Keyword Ideas and Traffic Forecasts

This training comes right from the horse's mouth, i.e., from Google. Obviously, any kind of keyword research should take what Google says into consideration. Besides, the Keyword Planner is a useful tool that offers insight into search volume and competitiveness. Much of its data returned by Keyword Planner should be considered a guideline only. To access this training, click on the following:

In order to use Keyword Planner, you will need to sign up for an Adwords account. Don't worry, you will not need to leave your credit card information in order to start using the Keyword Planner.

Other Resources

The creators of Wealthy Affiliate have created a keyword tool known as Jaaxy. It is a very powerful keyword tool that incorporates cutting edge technology not seem in other keyword research tools. It is web based so there is nothing to install. You have the ability to try it out and it is worth it to at least see what it is all about.

Training on How to Choose Your Niche

Niche selection can be one of the more difficult aspects of creating an online business. It helps to have some guidance. That’s why I’ve decided to include a free training module for you on how to choose a niche.

Disclosure: Website owner may receive compensation as a result of clicking through the links and/or banners contained on this page and purchasing the product or service.

The training is really quite comprehensive and you will get something valuable out of it. If you want to go right to the training, simply click on the image below:

 How to Choose a Niche

The training is given by my friend Kyle (shown in the picture) who is a co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. He includes both an explanation of what a niche is and shows why it’s important to choose the right one. The video will show you exactly how to do that.

As with most of the training at Wealthy Affiliate, this module includes some tasks to perform as well as a checklist for when you have completed the tasks. As mentioned, it includes a video describing the exact process to use to choose your niche. At the end you will notice that there is a discussion.

One really great aspect of Wealthy Affiliate (among many) is that if you are stuck on selecting a niche you can choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself and get paid a handsome monthly (recurring) commission for that. If you get enough people to sign up it can amount to a sizable income that could even replace the income you make in a regular job. There are several members who make serious incomes from just recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

Many members choose a niche outside of affiliate marketing and also choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate. My suggestion is usually to choose one or the other in the beginning as to not get overwhelmed but that is quite up to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

This particular training module is free. In fact, it is part of the Online Entrepreneur Certification series of training that is also free. If you go through this training series and perform all the specified tasks, you will actually have a fully working website capable of earning a decent income. There are no guarantees, mind you. But you certainly stack the odds in your favor when you learn how to do it correctly!

Learn How to Choose a Niche Here

The free training mentioned contains everything you need to learn the proper
way to choose a niche. When you choose the right
niche, you have a better chance of actually making money online.
Click on the button below to get started!

What is Your Sustainability Factor?

One of my biggest goals in life is to earn enough money to live comfortably.  But an even greater goal for me is help others by teaching them how to earn money in such a way that they too can live comfortably as well.

I know we all have differences of opinion about what comfortably means, but I can assure you that I live well within my means and I don't have overly extravagant tastes.  At the same time, I don't believe it's wrong for me to desire the capability to live a bit above the impoverished level and I certainly don't believe it's wrong to help others to do the same. 

I call this the sustainability factor.  Obviously, I need to be able to sustain my own existence (and of course my family).  But that's not enough for me.  I truly believe I can help others learn how to make money to sustain themselves as well.

My philosophy goes against conventional wisdom which suggests that you should give to others in such a way that perhaps someday, you will get something in return if you should ever find yourself in a situation where you need it.  It's the whole Karma concept.  I believe in Karma completely.  But that doesn't mean we cannot teach others to be self sustaining in their own right.  In fact, this does more for the "Karma continuum" in my opinion than to simply give away your money in exchange for that elated, but elusive feeling that comes from the temporary handout that you have been pressured into believing will help.  This type of help is a temporary band aid, but does nothing to help those in need become self sufficient.

If what I say is true that I can help others sustain their lifestyles than I think it only fair that those same people to return the favor and help yet other people as well. I can not only teach people how to earn an income, I can also help people teach others how to do the same.  In this way none of us will necessarily become monetarily wealthy in the truest sense of the word, but we will have less to worry about in the long run, at least from a financial perspective.  It reminds me of the old adage, "teach a man to fish..."  What's even more important is that we can continue to sustain ourselves in such a way as to pass this knowledge on to future generations.


Life Trend Observation: It’s Getting More Expensive

Is it just me?  Or has anyone else noticed that life keeps getting more and more expensive.  Between higher fuel prices and food, which the government conveniently leaves out of its inflation numbers, and higher taxes, it's no wonder we all seem to be struggling more.

But why is this?  Some blame it on excess printing of dollars (or whatever currency you happen to be dealing in).  Others blame it on greedy manufacturers.​  Then there are those who cite globalization being the problem  Who knows the reasons.  These are all factors that we as average citizens, have little control over.

What is Within Our Control

While we can't control whether corporations will give us jobs or allow us to keep the ones we have, we can control our own destinies with respect to generating self sustaining incomes.  We have the ability via the internet to connect with others ​to offer them our products and services.

And there are plenty of buyers with respect to internet customers.  Our job is to reach them.  That can be the challenging part.​  But it becomes less challenging when we discover how to properly do it.  It's all about finding solutions to problems.  That is after all, how many people use the internet.  They seek solutions to their problem.  Our job is to simply offer that solution to them in such a way that others have never done before.

It's Not Necessary To Become Wealthy

If you learn how to create passive methods of generating income, you never need to worry about becoming wealthy.  These income streams will help you combat any wealth destruction caused by others, i.e., governments, corporations, etc.  And if you can help others to do the same, and get paid for it as well, then it gives everyone a lift during tough economic times that we are currently experiencing.

What About Competition?

There's always going to be competition no matter what you decide to do.  The fact is, competition in online business can actually be used to your advantage.  When you see someone else doing something that is working, you can piggy back off that success.  Their activity is public knowledge.  You only have to emulate (not copy) what they are doing.

Carve Out Your Space in the Cybersphere

According to Wikipedia, it's estimated that there are 7.16 billion people living on our planet.  Many of these billions have yet to get on the internet.  But many of them eventually will.  The population is trending up, not down.  That can only mean that there is room for many of us to introduce our services to those newcomers. 

Even if you are currently employed, it can't hurt to start generating extra income.  While you may not have the time to commit to a full time business, you certainly can take steps to have others do much of the grunt work, while you are at the office.  Outsourcing has made it very easy to manage both creating an online business while continuing to be employed.  This can help you sleep better at night, knowing that once you start producing that extra income, you are not at the mercy of some rogue corporation that  treats its workers like cattle.

Learning Can Lead to Earning​

If you are just starting out with creating your online business or you've tried it before but didn't know how to make it work, follow this simple advice.  Learn how to do this right by mastering the proper techniques.  And the great news is it doesn't have to cost you anything to do this.

But if you try to do it all on your own it's going to take you much more time, cost you way more money and possibly get you in trouble with the law (I'm not kidding!)  It's not just a matter of creating a website and throwing in a sales page here and there.  That kind of thing may have worked 10 years ago but it definitely WILL NOT WORK today!  ​Take a look at an article I wrote about "How to Stay in Google's Good Graces".  You'll see by reading this that there are plenty of time bombs for online businesses to be aware of.

What Are Your Concerns?

Perhaps you've seen many of these mentor programs that charge thousands ($$$) of dollars and promise you mega riches within short periods of time.  That's all nonsense.  I have been doing this for a long time and I know what works and what is pure crap.   Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a program that has been around since 2005 and is based on solid techniques that actually work.  You may have heard of the program or perhaps you haven't.  But people often ask the following questions:

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?
  • Do I have to give out my credit card to get started?
  • Will I be left on my own after signing up?
  • Is the training difficult?
  • Does it cost money to get started?
  • Will I be called a Woosie if I try to leave? (Empower Network does this)

The answer to all of these questions is no!  I have been a member since 2009 so I can honestly state it's not a scam.  You can get started for free. You don't have to give out your credit card. There is plenty of support for you when you sign up. The training is not difficult at all (but it is thorough).  We will never call you a woosie if you decided it wasn't right for you (contrary to Empower Network who calls its members woosies if they try to leave).

Not being required to give out a credit card is one benefit that many people have stated they truly appreciate. I've heard enough people complain about these programs that make you give out your credit card number when you sign up.  Those programs make their money by relying on the fact that many people forget to cancel before the trial period is up.  Wealthy Affiliate is not like that.  You can sign up without any credit card information and stay a free member for as long as forever, if you wanted to.

What To Do Next

Hopefully, you get the feel that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program.  If not, then take a look at an article I wrote that gives more detail about what the starter program is all about.  The article is, "Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership - Is It Worth It?"

How I Can Help You Succeed with Wealthy Affiliate

You are viewing this because you have either heard of Wealthy Affiliate or you want to know more about it.

If you have heard about it you probably want to know whether it works.

If you haven't heard of it, you want to know is what it is and whether it is legitimate, and you too want to know - ​does it work?

I am going to answer all these questions and show you EXACTLY HOW I can help yo​u succeed with the program.

For a More Detailed Look at How To Succeed with Wealthy Affiliate...​

I wrote an article about How To Succeed.  You can see it in the menu above or simply click the link.

You Already Know About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has existed since 2005 so it wouldn't be a shock to me if you have already heard of the program.  But you may be wondering does it work?  I have been a premium member since January 2009 and I can guarantee that if it didn't work, I wouldn't be still paying for it.

But it requires dedicating yourself to making it work.  When I first started, I really didn't take advantage of the training modules and even the ones I did, I really didn't follow the advice given.   You can't succeed that way in any program that you try.​

But about a year ago, I decided to really put forth a full effort in making this work and I've come a long way.  I am making sales now and the websites that I have are all gaining in the search engines as well as increased traffic.

​You Have Never Heard of Wealthy Affiliate Before...

Wealthy Affiliate is a program set up by two entrepreneurs (see below) where they instruct you on how to create an online business.  There are many training modules available with three paths that you could follow.  These paths are described below (click on the + sign):

Promote a Niche Market

Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Promote Services to Local Businesses

The founding members of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson, are dedicated to helping its members succeed with setting up an online business.  I know their motivations are true because I have been working with them for several years now.​  They have proven that they want to help through their actions.

How I Will Help You

Now that you can see that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and that it works, you probably want to know how I can help you.  Since I have been doing this for a while, I have learned much about creating websites and marketing them.  There isn't too much that I haven't stumbled across in the course of my IM career.  My knowledge is there for you to help when needed.  Specifically, I monitor all of the people that I refer and check in with them on a frequent basis.

This mean if I see something that you are doing that may need improvement, I will ask if you want my help and offer up solutions to get you where you need to be.  ​I don't know if other members do this with their referrals but that is not my concern.  My concern is to make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

Next Steps...

There is nothing to lose by signing up for Wealthy Affiliate.  It is free and they don't ask you for a credit card.  Plus, they won't pressure you to upgrade and you can stay a free (starter) member for as long as you wish, even if that means forever.  When you do sign up, be sure to look up my profile which is @techhound

Top 5 Tips For Working With Affiliate Managers

I have been working with affiliate marketing for some time now and during that time I have talked to several affiliate managers.  On the whole they are really nice people.  When you first start out, you may get overwhelmed about the idea that you have to talk to an affiliate manager.  It's not a bad experience and these 5 tips can help you get over that fear.

Tip #1

They want to know that you have their best interests at heart.  There are plenty of people that use affiliate marketing as a way to spam people.  Affiliate marketing makes it easy for spammers but this causes problems for the affiliate companies.  Usually a manager wants to talk to you to find out what your promotional methods are going to be and that you won't be one of the many spammers.

Tip #2

Affiliate managers want your business.  The more legitimate affiliates they have the more sales they will get.  This is the number one reason why they are easy to talk to.  They want you to succeed.  They just want to make sure you are on the level.

Tip #3

An affiliate manager has to make money to justify the costs of the affiliate program.  There are going to be occasions when you get cancelled from a program.  This is usually due to low sales volume or lack of activity.  In many cases, contacting the affiliate manager can get you reinstated.  But you'll want to really start promoting in order to get sales.

Tip #4

Don't be afraid to hit up the affiliate manager for advice.  Affiliate managers know their business and the products that they sell.  As I already mentioned, they want you to succeed.  Ask them which campaigns used by other affiliates have worked the best.  If you need some kind of custom banner or something like that, they will often be happy to help.

Tip #5

Don't sign up unless you are going to promote.  Services like Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Share-a-Sale, have multiple affiliate programs.  People often sign up for pages of affiliate programs at a time and then wonder why they start getting deactivated.  It's usually due to inactivity on your part.  If you are not planning on promoting something, don't sign up for it.

A Bonus Tip...

One of the quickest ways of getting dropped by an affiliate manager is to break their rules or terms of service.  An affiliate manager needs to make sure that the company doesn't get in trouble.  That is why they have those rules in place.  Make sure you read over and understand the terms of service.  Ask questions if you don't.

Affiliate Managers are Approachable

If you follow the rules and you work with your affiliate manager, you will see that they are easy to get along with.  Remember, you are the one making them money for them, not the other way around.  So there is no reason to be afraid to contact them and ask them for help.  It's in their best interest to see you succeed.​

10 Quick Tips About Blogging

You may or may not be aware that part of what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate is about properly setting up your blog.  You do this so that your blog is ready to start earning you money.   Here are 10 Quick Tips About Blogging (click on each for more details):

Make Sure You Have a Privacy Page

Create an About Me Page

Post Frequently

Try to Always Capture Your Readers' Emails

Post Content That You Would Want To Read Yourself

Consider Guest Posting with Other Bloggers

Be Wary of Traffic Schemes

Have a Way For Readers To Contact You

Understand That Establishing Your Blog Takes Time

Don't Ever Give Up

Obviously, there is more to blogging than these 10 quick tips and you will need to learn more about how to implement them correctly.  There really are correct ways to do them and most people don't do it correctly.  But I can help you get started.  Use the following to give you a better overview of how Wealthy Affiliate can give you the tools need to implement the above tips:

Learn to Do It Correctly Right at the Start

It's really easy to start a blog these days.  With domain names being really cheap and WordPress installations available on most hosting services, within a day people can create a some posts and it's live right there and then.

But just because people can build blogs doesn't mean they necessarily should.  At least, they should do so when they learn how to implement the proper techniques.  All too often, you'll see poorly implemented blogs that get hit with search engine penalties and they get virtually no traffic (except for automated traffic that results in no real visitors).  What's worse is people that do this get frustrated and reach out to online experts - often paying a lot of money and still getting no results.

But if you take my guidance and learn to implement your website right from the start, think of all the trial-and-error pains you will totally sidestep.  And you will be much further along than anyone that decides to do it on their own.​  Sure, some of those people do get lucky.  But with the majority they all to often fail.

Who am I?  And Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Jim Cochrane.  I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over five (5) years.  One of the biggest draws for me is the level of training that is available.  But maybe even more so, is the community atmosphere that exists on the website.  It really becomes a second family.  And this family has several thousands of people of varying experience that are ready to lend a hand at a moments notice.  I have created several websites that have been making money for me so I've dealt with many issues that you may encounter when you start out.

By the way, my profile name is @techhound on Wealthy Affiliate.  Come on in and say hello!​

My Commitment To You

I watch over the people that I refer.  I ask them about their progress and I try to point them in the right direction when they get stuck.  I take an active interest in each of my referrals so you can be sure that you are going to hear from me.  But I promise, I won't be a pest.

The point is I want you to follow in my footsteps and let me guide you to building a successful online business.  I can completely help you do that.  You just have to want it and take the necessary steps to make it happen.  But you are not alone!​

What To Do Next

Take what I am talking about for a spin, a test run, if you will.  Wealthy Affiliate is free to sign up.  There is a premium membership but won't get pressured to upgrade.  The premium membership gives you access to many more training modules including live webinars.​  But again, there is never any pressure to upgrade.


The internet has opened up a huge opportunity for all of us to take advantage of and has the fullest potential to make us financially secure.  Imagine never having to depend on anyone else for for you income ever again!  Wealthy Affiliate has many members who are making full time incomes from the techniques that they learned and implemented.  And this is a really fun business to do too!  You earn from your web business.

How to Stay in Google’s Good Graces

Google rules the world. At least with respect to website owners. The almighty G gets to determine who gets organic traffic and who doesn't. This should come as no surprise to any veteran website owner.

But there is a way to stay within the graces of the Big G and do so without any kind of tricks or black hat methods.

The Golden Rule at Wealthy Affiliate

Members on Wealthy Affiliate sometimes complain that they aren't getting traffic to their website.  Then others will check out the members' sites and give the advice that their websites don't contain enough content or the content that they do have is not as high quality as it should be.  This is the golden rule at Wealthy Affiliate - create quality content.

But it's the golden rule at Google too!  Google loves websites that serve up valuable information.  Think about it this way.  Who are Google's customers?  Anyone that uses their search engine, for the most part.  When you use their search engine the more relevant and useful your searches are, the more you will keep coming back to their search engine.

It's Not Nice To Fool The Big G...

True or false: Google's algorithms are going to get better over time.  The answer is obviously true.  Google's search algorithms are much better now than they were even one year ago.  And Google has about as much money as God and an army of resources that they devote to constantly better those algorithms.  So you can pretty much bet that next year they are going to better than they are now.

So why try to trick them?  You may fool them for a short time but when they catch up to your dubious techniques they are going to penalize you.  And when that happens, you now have to work even harder to have that penalty removed.  There's no guarantee that it ever will.  Sometimes, websites are banned permantly.

Write great content.  Write quality content that you would want to read if you stumbled upon it.  Write content that meets the demand of readers.​

Forget about Google and it's algorithms.  In doing so, you will disover that your website will start becoming an authority and you will start ranking well.  That will lead to traffic which eventually leads to sales.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to write quality content and they will remind you when you are not. This helps you keep on track and it is what gets people making money.  It also gives you some serious Google love.

Will Google Ever Penalize Quality Content?

While no one can truly know what Google will do, a better question would be why would they ever penalize quality content?  It doesn't make sense to do so.  Again, the closer they can come to bringing searches what they are looking for, the more those searches are going to stick with Google.  So I think it's fairly safe to state that Google will never penalize quality content.

The One Factor That Remains Constant

As a website owner, you're going to come across all these people that declare themselves SEO masters and they have for you the latest and greatest SEO techniques that are going to send your rankings to number one.  Trouble is, you often have to employ techniques that could later get you in trouble with the Big G.  So if the one constant is that quality content will always rank well, why not stick to that and do only that.​

Why Do We Fall For It

These "SEO Masters" are well trained to push your emotional triggers.  They have been doing it for a long time.  The one thing they are masters in is being able to write good copy.  And if you aren't making sales with your website and you have been at it for a little while, you start to get ansy about not making sales so that is the reason why we fall for these schemes.​

But what typically happens is those schemes never pan out.  Sometimes it could be because we didn't follow through.  In other cases, they didn't let you know that you were going to have to spend a lot of money on all these third party packages and still not get the results you were hoping for.  But in other cases still, the techniques that are given are out of date and have no chance of working.​

Want To Learn How To Produce Valuable Content?

So by now, I think you get the idea that I am trying to drive home the point that you need to create quality content in order for your website to get traffic.  But saying it and doing it are two different things.  I want to actually show you how to do it.  Learn more about membership options in Wealthy Affiliate​



What is the Private Label Rights Smackdown?

What are Private Label Rights?

If you ​have been creating content for the web for any length of time, there is a small chance that you haven't heard of Private Label Rights (PLR).  It is content (in any format) that can usually altered, sold, given away, assign authorship, etc.  In many cases, a holder of these rights can often do whatever they feel like with the content.

But there are some issues with PLR.  They have gotten a bad rap because of the following reasons:

  • The quality is inferior to other types of content
  • It is blasted out as duplicate content all over the web
  • It is abundant which dilutes the value one can get from it
  • It's gives someone an excuse to take the easy way out of content creation

Inferior Quality

This issue makes a lot of sense when you think about it.  If you are someone that creates content and you wrote a quality piece, why would you allow others to use it?  You would keep it for yourself and use it to enrich your website.

Duplicate Content

It's been shown that Google and other search engines are penalizing websites that copy content from another website.  The big question is how much do they consider copying?  Is it 15%?  25%?  No one knows for sure.  But one thing is clear.  I you copy something in its entirety that is duplicate content and you will be penalized.

All too often, holders of PLR will publish as is, with no modifications whatsoever.  Guess what that does in the view of Google?  It flags their duplicate content penalty.  Hopefully​, if you are the first site to publish that content and the first to get indexed, you should probably be okay as the first one is not the one that copied.  But chances are good that you are not the first.

It Exists All Over The Place

Anytime you have something in abundance, the value of that item is diluted.  It's simple supply and demand and it's no different in content management.  Due to the nature that PLR can be given to anyone (and usually is) it exists all over the place and hence is not very valuable.

Taking The Easy Way Out

We are all busy and content creation is not very easy to do, at least on a consistent basis.  So I can see the motivation of throwing up PLR on a website and calling it a job well done.  But due to all the value issues (or lack thereof) your cutting corners and your readers are not going to appreciate it.

Is There Any Value to PLR?

If you asked me that question six months ago I would have told you a resounding no.  I would have told you to stay​ away from it because it is mostly (if not all) junk.  That which wasn't junk was just too plain in its information content to be useful.

But lately I have been seeing pockets of content creators include better quality PLR.  Of course, these creators are charging a premium for th​is but you know what?  That keeps the riff raff away, so it's worth the extra price.

If you decide to incorporate PLR into your content mix, the best advice I can give you is to make sure you change it.  First, make​ it so your readers will consider it valuable.   Second, change it so there is no duplicate content flags.  Third, make it so your readers will want to return to your website.

​I know use PLR for inspiration ideas and the newly found higher quality PLR is a great research source.  But I still rewrite the content because of the situations that I describe in this article.

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